Saturday, July 8, 2017

Saying Goodbye


How do you say goodbye to a best friend that has graced your life for 12 years?
He came to us at 6 weeks old--small enough to resemble more of a kitten than a dog. He could fit in my hand. He grew to be 15 pounds of pure love.

Jake was always willing to snuggle and sit by my side. Through the years he changed from a lively pup to a more sedate adult--much like us. He aged as we did. He was content to just be.

Oh, the laughs we got from his expressions. The turning of the head from our conversations as if he was understanding our utter nonsense.

His joy of watching for his "daddy" to come home! He sensed the time when he would arrive. He would greet him with running around in circles and just waiting to climb on the couch for a few hugs. And his smiles seem to come with his "purring" sounds he would make as he received that love from his dad.

We said goodbye. He went from being completely alright to letting us know his time was up. The last two weeks of seeing him suffer was heart breaking. We would have kept him with us but it wasn't to be.

So long, best buddy. 
So long, Jake. 
You are missed!

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