Thursday, April 4, 2019

Spring's New Life

Winter is not my favorite season. To know that spring has arrived is enough to bring contentment. Last spring was focused on watching the construction of our house which caused a dim memory of spring's new life.

We bought our lot from the neighboring house and landscaping has become part of our yard now. Creeping phlox, flowering bushes, and crepe myrtle trees were the only beauty of the construction site.

The landscapers worked to renew and refresh! What a joy to see the life that still existed. Autumn tends to be a great time to acquire shrubs at a discount. I added some burning bushes and a hydrangea I brought from the previous home. To my joy they lived and are now sprouting new growth.

I appreciate green grass. September inTennessee means a short time frame to sowing grass and getting a sparse coverage before the frosts arrive. Two hurricanes provided tremendous and forceful rains that washed away portions of the loose soil. To hours spent resowing, watering, and lots of hope we did get a ground cover before the growing season ended. One major benefit was that our grass was the greenest in the neighborhood since it was new grass!

One beautiful snow created memories of our new neighborhood. (Guess we were lucky not to have to clean the inclined driveway more than the one time).

God works in mysterious ways. To deciding to build near our son and daughter-in-law, moving in, and the blessing of a granddaughter--this is where we were meant to be.

We are blessed to see our precious one and the ease of keeping her while mom works is beyond our imagination from a short year ago. Yes, this is where we are supposed to live.

Yes, spring has arrived and with it a bright and sunny feeling surrounds us.
Light streams in from all the windows!

Daily, we say "it's nice to be living here".

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Beginning the Decorating

I feel as if we just moved in and finished unpacking and organizing. Now it is time to decorate for Christmas!

After being in the former home for 39 years I was in a comfortable position of knowing how and what I would do. Now with the new home I am a newbie!

The open spaces do give a bit of freedom of not feeling closed in by too many items.

I began in the dining room and put up my "woodlands" skinny tree. Since it has a bit of autumn colors it seems only proper that this tree gets to be the leader.

The ribbons were from Hobby Lobby and most of the other decor have been in my stash from previous years of Walmart. Nothing can beat the burlap poinsettias!  A few pine cone picks and birds add to the woodland theme.

A country and East Tennessee Christmas seems to bring back memories of cutting an evergreen pine to be used as I was growing up. In the first years of our marriage we tried the purchase of live trees that could be planted in the yard after the holidays. The trees became a bright Tennessee orange--meaning that they promptly died.  

The Farm Fresh sign was this year's find at TJMaxx during our last Florida visit. A couple of Target dollar spot trees add to the buffet. 

Now on to the next tree that welcomed our first Christmas at 151.

After all, these skinny trees become a quick addition. Using red ornaments, plaid ribbons, and several memories from my teacher gifts has brightened up even the cloudiest of days!

What would Christmas be without a little cooking and baking? This nook area is definitely one that I enjoy. The World Market everett sofa table is a joy to display items from Rae Dunn, Possible Dreams Santa, and more things I have collected over the years.

A quick peek into the living area reveals I have more time to enjoy exploring new options in sharing my Christmas decor.

Monday, October 29, 2018

New House Kitchen

When we decided to build one of my first priorities was open space kitchen with a breakfast nook. To say that I spent time looking on Instagram, Pinterest, and blogs would be a slight exaggeration! I was definitely inspired by I had saved pictures of that kitchen two years ago and definitely before we planned to build.

To see the inspiration become a reality was the favorite dream in my eyes.

Our walls are painted on Sherwin Williams Agreeable Gray. This home has an abundance of windows and this choice seems to be a great one.

Moving day brought a quick decision on arrangement of dishes and pantry items. Since the sink is in the island the dishes needed to be in close proximity. And since there is a Rae Dunn obsession from someone in this family the extra counter space has delivered!

Our cabinets are a creamy white from Armstrong.

The nook is a favorite place to grab a quick meal.

Today I am blessed! 

Sunday, October 14, 2018

We Arrived

Finally we could walk in the front door or our house! The shiny hardwood floors and Agreeable Gray walls shouted a warm welcome! To the left of the foyer is the dining room. It definitely is an open space home.

Straight ahead is the family room, kitchen, and breakfast nook.

The fireplace with built-ins flanking both sides were an upgrade from the original plans. Originally the fireplace was to be centered on the far right bookcase. Symmetry is part of my brain so I asked that the fireplace be shifted to the left in order to have small bookcases on both sides. This was a great change as the fireplace now is centered in the cozy family room space and a straight view from the kitchen island. (Can I say I can watch TV while washing dishes?)

I can already tell the second bathroom/powder room door will need to remain closed! Nothing like a potty view from the dining/living room! The back wall of the family room looks outdoors on the screened in porch. I love the amount of light that can stream into our home! The TV is to be mounted over the fireplace so the outlet and video stream cable will be hidden.

The dining room has an astounding view of the mountains. I may add wainscoting later. As for now, I am just excited to see the clean, finished house!

A study is on the front of the house and access is from the foyer. This was one of the selling points of the plan. I wanted a small room I could use as a library, my office, or "baby room" since we found out we will be having a grand baby born in December! The mountains can be seen in the distance above the homes in the neighborhood.

I am totally in love with the creamy white kitchen. A small eating area will probably be used much more than the dining room. Selecting all the lights for the house provided me with sleepless nights and much time surfing the internet. I selected a oil rubbed bronze in all the areas.

I had a special order french doors that would open out instead of in gave extra dining space to the breakfast nook.

The screened in porch provides a view of country living with the mountain view in the distant view.

The master bedroom (complete with internet and cable already installed--husband's needs can I say?) is a welcome retreat. The builder added additional square feet and he was right on in that decision! It is spacious and the tray ceiling gives added dimension.

Our master bath is definitely easy to appreciate. A separate toilet room provides privacy.

The other side of the house contains two bedrooms and a bath. One bedroom will become the guest room and the other will be Mr. Spouse's office.

I am ready to get this house filled with our belongings!

Thursday, July 19, 2018

Outside Progress

151 Home Calling

Who knew what the outside would finally resemble after some slow days of adding the siding? I never realized a month would go by before this portion of the house build could be called finished!

All in all, the selections of roof, siding, and brick seem to satisfy my choices.

The back screened in porch were one of the things that drew me to this plan. There will be a small open area beyond the roof that can house our grill. The breakfast nook and living room will provide a view to the outdoors.
Can you imagine the farmland view?

When the garage door went on it really began to feel like a house. I will be happy to pull my SUV into the one level home!

A front porch just calling for a couple of chairs or a bench will be delightful. There always seems to be a breeze on top of our hill. It won't be as long as it has been is the way my non-patient mind is telling myself every single day now.

It is confusing that the back also resembles the front!

We need a little grading and yard work!

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