Monday, June 5, 2017

Gorgeous Subway Tile

Baby Steps
I guess you could say that the upgrades to my 1980's kitchen has spanned over decades. In 2001 the custom oak cabinets were installed. And loved...until the white cabinet craze seemed to scoop me up and toss me right in the midst. 
The first upgrade was the change to hardwood flooring throughout the open space great room, dining room, and kitchen. Granite countertops appeared about four years ago. Since there was no backsplash project in the near future a granite tiny backsplash was added. After the cabinets were painted a creamy white I still couldn't get a white subway tile off my mind.

The little granite "lip" seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. Even painting a lighter color couldn't detract from the gloomy feeling. Under cabinet lights only "highlighted each and every wall flaw.

The last project for this kitchen is here!

White Subway Tile

When the installers came I insisted that the granite backspash be removed. Holding my breath that it could come off quite easily only proved true. It had been applied with a bit of silicone caulk on the bottom and against the wallboard.
The problem I hadn't even thought about was the fact that the granite installers hadn't done a precise measurement. Yes, that little granite backsplash covered up a bit of a gap in some places. I was so afraid at this point that it would have to be returned. But the installers decided that they could fill in the gap with grout. Using pieces of thin metal strips to hold the tiles in place until they dried was the method of the day.

The smallest and simplest piece of granite proved to be the one that was most horribly cut. The gap was so large that the grout really had to be applied heavily. In this picture you can see the difference on the left and right sides of the stove.

Returning the next day, the grout was applied. I used a light gray grout which ties in beautifully with the granite.

It amazes me the difference in the kitchen. It seems as if inches have been increased to the space instead of one tiny inch on the countertops. The light reflects off the tile and gives a great feeling.

I hesitated to place anything back on the counters and in reality I have simplified the space. But you will have to wait to see that! For now, I am enjoying just the basics--hardwood floors, white cabinets, granite countertops, and white subway tile backspash!

Kitchen--finished! Decades of updates finally finished to my liking.
Next will have to be a brand new kitchen if we ever move!

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